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Providence Part Seven

Part Seven

"Do you want something to eat?" Nikki asked, once again at a loss for the words that needed to be said.
Helen looked up from her untouched coffee mug, the question genuinely shocking her. She smiled softly at Nikki.
"No thanks."
"Yea." Helen's smiled widened a bit. This felt so good, being with Nikki first thing in the morning, talking about breakfast....
Nikki lit up another cigarette, her nerves on edge. And why was Helen so calm anyway? Nikki wished she  felt that calm....but in between thoughts of Trisha and wanting to kiss Helen's lips, calm was out of the question.
So, she set about fixing her a cup of tea, glad to be looking at anything but Helen's face.
"This is a nice flat." Helen said, trying to ease this situation somewhat.
"Thanks." Nikki answered, digging around for the tea and not finding it.
"Do you have a garden?" Helen asked, picturing Nikki all mussed up with dirty surrounding her....
"A small one...." Nikki said quietly. She could envision Helen sniffing each budding bloom in the early hours of the morning. Their eyes met for a moment, then Helen looked back at her mug and Nikki went back on the tea search.
Then it was just silence. Each to their own thoughts.....and own worries.
Helen didn't know if this particular matter would be solved or not, but she had her own matters to handle. Like Thomas.
She needed to go to him and tell him the truth. Well...maybe not all of it, Helen thought with a frown. But she had to tell him that marriage was was was all of their relationship.
And she would have to apologize, in fact she wanted to. To ask for a forgiveness that Helen doubted she deserved.
Nikki, on the other hand, was not so sure of what to do. She loved Trisha...but admittedly, not as much as she loved Helen. Which presents a complicated situation-Tell Trisha the truth and persue Helen(again)? Or keep my mouth shut and be happy with what I've got? damn tea in this whole house, Nikki sighed heavily. Then she heard a soft chuckle behind her. Nikki glanced back, her lips involuntarily curving upward in a smile.
"What's so funny then?" She asked Helen.
Helen pointed to the far left of the kitchen counter. There sat the tea.
Nikki had to laugh  and felt a warmth engulf her when Helen too joined in on the laughter.
This was right, Nikki decided. Even if Helen and I do not get together....Trisha doesn't deserve half a relationship. Nikki had made up her mind.
Nikki would tell Trisha the minute she got home.

End Of Part Seven

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