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Providence-Part Five

Part Five

She wasn't sure what time it was morning, but not daylight. Not even the familiar early gray. Just dark still.
And she was in bed. At first, Nikki thought it was some sort of where when you awake, you could swear it was real. The images in her mind couldn't have happened...Helen, in her arms, kissing her...her beautiful body under Nikki's own....
Nikki looked beside her and reached out. She felt warmth, a smooth-skinned body greeting her fingers. It was not a dream. Helen was here.
So every wonderous image was reality....passion taking over the both of them,
inhibitions cast aside, on the floor...making love for the first time since Nikki escaped from prison. They had rushed into it, not caring for touch or time...just to consume one another. But once that had passed, they continued to kiss and crave each other...moving to the bedroom, dissolving into the sheets.
Pictures of Nikki and Trisha ignored, Helen on Trisha's side of the bed...this was so wrong yet felt so good.....Nikki didn't know what to do.
All she wanted was Helen. Her hand kept moving over Helen's back...the woman was reacting to the caress even in sleep. Nikki laid back down beside Helen, wrapping her arms about her...trying to shut out the world. For just a little longer.

Helen opened her eyes slowly, every nerve in her body begging to return to slumber....and to the sensations running through her mind. Of Nikki's mouth on hers and Nikki's hands....just thinking about it caused the ember of desire to spark once more in her body. She ignored all the warning signals going off in her head....Thomas would be worried sick, not knowing where she had gone or what had happen. And what would Helen tell him once home? The truth? Or a lie? So many decisions had to be made now. Well, the easiest being that Helen did not love least not enough to marry him.
That was now very obvious. But Helen wasn't sure that there was a future with Nikki either. Beyond the love and passion they felt for each other was the doubt and pain they couldn't handle.
Could they really handle it now? Does Nikki want to? Too many questions....Instead of sitting up, Helen stays in Nikki's embrace, content to feel the other woman's warmth surround her.  Content to let the worries slide away and to just enjoy what fate has given her...the second time around.

end of part five

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