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Providence-Part Four

Part Four

And they just looked at each other for endless moments. Both of them wanting to erase the past or drown in the moment...but could they? Should they?
Nikki had never felt so alive, so in love...not even with Trisha. Helen still had this hold on her heart. Those hazel eyes gazing at her, searching Nikki's face for answers. Nikki didn't have them though. All she had was her fantasies, her desires. And that wasn't enough before. It would not be enough now.
As for Helen, being in Nikki's arms again was more than was heaven. This was the missing part to Helen's soul and she didn't want to let it go this time.....but....
They are just outside, with each other, for a second. Inside is Thomas and on my hand is his ring....
"What do we do?" Helen asks suddenly. Nikki feels helpless but knows she must do something....anything.
"Maybe we've missed our chance Helen...but I want this time. This is our time now...don't end it yet." Nikki says softly, stepping back and letting Helen go.
Let the decision be hers. Nikki waits, watching Helen's face cloud over with emotion.
And Helen knows it is what she wants as well. It will break her heart but this is how it is. Too much time has passed to save what Nikki and I shared....but we can have this. I want this. I need this.
Helen nods in agreement. And Nikki takes her hand, leading her to the parking lot, to her car.
They don't tell anyone that they have gone.

Helen didn't realize where they were going until they were there. Nikki's home....with Trisha. They stepped inside, the house was quiet and dark. Helen felt uneasy being here....her nerves was back now. She shouldn't do this, shouldn't be here....
But then she feels the feather-light brush of Nikki's fingertips on her neck. And Helen succumbs, her body falling into Nikki's.
She can hear Nikki's breathing. She touches Nikki face, winding her fingers into that jet black hair, pulling her kiss her lips, to feel that familiar rush.
It is wonderous and amazing. Nikki's hands on her body, removing her clothes, the first contact of skin like a shock to the system.
They don't care about finding a bed. Helen relishes the feeling of Nikki's body on hers, the conflict of her warm body and sexual heat...then the cold wooden floor meeting her back.
It's too much, too good......and Helen doesn't want it to end, though she knows it will. It will end too soon.

End of part four

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