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Just One Night\Fantasy

It happened every time they passed in the hallway or nearly collided on the stairwell. Or when they shared the elevator, just the two of them in silence. But that was it. Just chance meetings in the apartment building they shared.
Each time was imprinted in Helen's mind though.
The first time she saw her, walking past and to her door, reading the newspaper. Helen watched her, just slightly...noticing little things.
Like how black her hair was.
Like how tan her skin seemed.
Then the woman would open her door and disappear inside. And Helen would move on with her day or evening.
They never said 'hello'. Helen didn't even know her name. Maybe that was part of the attraction, the not knowing.
It gave Helen reason for her rampant curiousity. Then each time Helen saw her, she smiled in acknowledgement. And the woman smiled back.
She has a nice smile.....
Helen found herself keeping track of the woman and her hours. For a moment, it all sounded a bit...obsessive. But Helen knew what it really was.
It was a building desire for this woman, a woman Helen knew nothing about and who knew nothing about Helen in return.
It was tantalizing. The prospect of just one night with this quiet and attractive woman was becoming Helen's fondest daydream.
Could that really happen? Helen thought as she ate her breakfast, sitting on the couch. She was facing the door and pictured the woman entering the apartment.
That smile in place, those brown eyes that seemed to smoulder at all times.
Helen imagined herself sitting very still. Waiting for her to make the first walk pry Helen's lips apart and fill her mouth with the warmth of her pull at her lavish desperate kisses upon her spread her legs slip deft fingers into take her for the pure pleasure of it.
Then to leave Helen there, spent and dazed, drowning in released ecstasy.

Helen kept herself removed from life somehow. Is that why she wanted this woman so badly? To feel life again?
She didn't know when life became a chore. She worked. She attended college. She dated. She drank.
That was life. Helen moved like a shadow and then, suddenly, she felt the spark in her veins. This woman....
They passed in the hall, they smiled as usual. And Helen had to chance it. For the contact would only fuel her imagination. As the woman moved by her, Helen extended her hand slightly.
She felt the texture of the woman's sleeve first, then the quick brush of exposed skin...warm and smooth.
Helen kept walking. If the woman saw her eyes, then she'd know what Helen wanted.
"Sorry." The woman said softly after Helen's back. The voice slid over Helen like a wave, taking her under.
The voice was low and sexy. It was seductive.
It was all Helen thought it might be. Helen turned back around quickly, still moving her feet.
"No problem." She answered, smiling then kept going.
But just as it seemed Helen was watching this woman...the woman would show up sometimes by coincidence. And Helen wasn't sure anymore if it was all a fantasy or if something was really going on here....
She threw her clothes into the dryer, then looked up. The woman was watching her. And then the brown eyes darted back to their previous task.
The tension only got stronger, each time they were around each other. Helen tried to keep her gaze away but always faltered. And this time, the woman was returning these glances.
It was like another living being, this untapped sexual frustration and game-playing. They further they went, the stronger it became.
It was no longer a fantasy. It was a pursuit. But Helen didn't know who was the predator and who was the prey.

It was late. It was raining. Helen tried to sleep but couldn't. She looked out the window at the street lights. She looked at the clock. One in the morning.
She yawned and grabbed a blanket off the couch, wrapping it around her shoulders.
She noticed the small hole on the front of her t-shirt, moving her fingernail into it.
Her head shot up. There was a knock at the door. Helen moved cautiously toward her doorway. She looked out the small peephole.
And Helen opened the door, reveiling the object of her desire, standing there.
There was water on her hair and clothes, as if she had just come in out of the storm. Tiny drops of water slid down her face. She was breathing heavy.
Her lips were parted. She looked beautiful.
The woman was dressed nicely, the water soaking into what looked like a black silk tuxedo top. The jacket was lying across her arm, discarded.
Helen felt a rhythmic pulse coursing through her body, an ache that throbbed between her legs.
She knew why the woman was here. The game was over now. No more playing. No more chase. Just capture and consume.
Helen stepped back, leaving the door open and she walked away. Waiting....
She heard the door shut softly, the small click of bolt and lock.
She kept her back to the woman and closed her eyes. Footsteps were almost inaudiable behind her, then she heard the jacket fall to the floor.
A sudden heat surrounded Helen's back though she was not being touched. She was on fire, just having this woman near her. She felt the warm breath caress her neck....
The shirt and shorts she was wearing suddenly felt too constrictive and tight.
Feather-light, the touch of a hand upon her waist, moving like water toward her stomach, fluid touch...never leaving her clothed skin.
The fingers came up her chest, moving over the contours of one breast, teasing an already hardened nipple.
Helen wanted this to last but the fire inside her was reaching a fever-pitch. She could not hold still any longer, she had to feel this woman. Helen leaned back until she made contact, her body sinking into the other woman.
She felt warm lips kiss her neck, burning a trail to her jaw. Helen moved the woman's hand from her chest to the waistband of her shorts. She placed the hand upon her stomach, the sensation caused Helen to moan out loud.
The woman placed both hands underneath her shirt, skin on skin...
Nails dragged lightly past her navel and to her side, lifting the shirt up as they moved.
Helen kept her eyes shut, content to let this woman do as she pleased. To let go, to feel alive. She felt the air on her chest as the shirt moved higher.
Then it was off of her, tossed aside. Helen could feel the dampness of the woman's shirt pressed onto her back, causing a slight chill to run through her exposed body. The mixture of lips and teeth covered her shoulders, neck and back....the woman moved away from Helen, kneeling down, her hands sliding to her shorts, pulling them down slowly...kissing each inch of skin revealed, flicking her tongue against the small of Helen's back.
Helen felt faint and dizzy, she wanted to drop to the floor and beg this woman to take her..anything to release this want. But she remained standing, her breathing accelerating.
She could feel her shorts around her ankles and stepped out of them gently, hoping the woman would not stop the caresses upon her backside or the kisses to her hips.
Then Helen felt nothing. Her hazel eyes fluttered open to find the woman standing in front of her, watching her. Those brown eyes didn't seem mysterious or smouldering now....they seemed almost reverent. For a second, Helen felt like one had ever looked at her this way. With adoration and longing, as if nothing else mattered but her.
And Helen reached out, grabbing the woman's hand and pulling her close, fighting back tears that threatened to fall.
"Who are you...?" She whispered into the woman's chest, her voice muffled. She felt arms surrounded her and wanted to never leave this embrace. The fantasy had become reality and Helen didn't want to let it go.
She wove her fingers into the woman's hair, enjoying the feeling of it slipping past her skin, slightly wet from the rain.
"Nikki." That now familiar low voice said, it seemed to echo throughout Helen's apartment.
And Helen smiled, trying to hold this woman...Nikki...even closer to her body.
Questions filtered through Helen's mind...
Could she let Nikki go after one night, one moment?
And would it really feel good for Nikki to leave me afterwards or would I want her even more?
I should stop things now Helen thought....but has it already gone too far?
Helen felt her skin chill, a reminder of her nudity. The arms around her stayed there. Nikki was breathing calmly. Like time has stopped, just waiting for Helen to decide. She was ready to give herself up for a night, but was she ready to lose herself forever to this person? Because it was happening, since the minute Helen saw's been happening.
Fingertips caressed her bare skin, travelling up her spine and into her hair.
"Are you ready?" Nikki asked in a soft voice. And Helen made up her mind.
Whether Nikki was there in the morning or not...if this was love or just sex...if it was real or just Helen's didn't matter.
Helen was ready. More than ever before.


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