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Gotta Get Back

/i can almost touch you now flying above the clouds in a big ol' plane
i can't wait to hold you and see you again tell you where i've been/

Ages at home, ages at the airport...waiting for planes to take off, delays...more delays. Now Helen knew why she was never too keen on travelling. But it had been months since she had visited her family. The ones who were interested in seeing her anyway. So, she suffered through family relations and endless stories. And it was fun, a few good pub piss-ups along the way. She had almost forgotten what fog looked like, being away and in an entirely different place. Different in more ways than one.
Now, Helen was on her cell phone for the hundredth time...calling home, leaving messages...explaining her ensuing lateness.....
But if you listened closely, you could hear all she was really saying.
She couldn't wait to get home to Nikki.

/i can almost kiss you now when i close my eyes i feel your lips on mine
it's so hard to fight what i feel inside, for you/

Helen really did try to sleep on the plane. The food was horrid. But the alcohol was a good subsitute. Lucky for her, the other seat was unoccupied. So her purse and briefcase could sit there. She closed her eyes and imagined what Nikki was doing,  it was morning there....Maybe out in the garden or in the kitchen...taking a bath. Helen smiled to herself. Let's not got there right now....
Helen pictured herself coming in the door, drained of energy. Nikki coming over to her, hugging her and taking the suitcase away. Leading her to their bedroom, taking off her clothes, kissing her, touching her.....
Dear God, can't this damn flight hurry up, Helen groaned inwardly.

/gotta get back do i do gotta get back do i do i do gotta get back do i do
butterflies take control me why's this plane go so slowly flutter faster
take me home to you/

She felt like a kid on Christmas, so ready to tear the wrapping off the biggest gift under the tree. But it was just home, looming out the window, greeting Helen with it's late evening dusk and city lights. Her phone went off and she answered it quickly.
"Hiya darling, almost here?" The most wonderful voice Helen's had ever heard spoke into her ear.
"Yea, better be there waiting too!" She grinned, knowing full well that Nikki would be there, open arms.
"Nah, I'll just send you a cab."
Helen smirked to the phone. " Stop taking the piss and tell me you've missed me."
"I've missed you."
Helen sighed happily at hearing that. "Good."

/i can almost see you now is my imagination foolin' me somehow
flying through the lining of a silver cloud i'm gettin' closer now/

Helen marched through tunnel off the plane, trying to move past all the people, straining to see the one face she longed to see.  Everyone was going so slow! She thought she might never make it to the end at the rate they were going.....then she saw her. The woman of her dreams, her heart and soul, her life. Nikki came over, smiling happily.
"Welcome back sweetheart." She said, her voice like a warm breeze across Helen's face. Helen dropped her purse and briefcase, wrapping her arms around Nikki, relishing the feeling of their bodies together again.
Helen was in heaven. She pulled back just a little so she could capture Nikki's lips with her own. Time had stopped, this is all Helen wanted in this world.
When Helen pulled away, she smiled broadly at Nikki's breathless state.
"Let's go home." Helen whispered.
She wanted to continue this somewhere more comfortable.


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