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"It's what?" Helen asked. Nikki let a small grin emerge on her mouth.
"You've never heard it? Ever? That seems impossible, Helen." Nikki said matter-of-fact, pulling a fag out and lighting it.
Helen stood for a moment, puzzling. No...she had not heard it. Which does seem a bit odd. Helen was quite the culture hound. Nikki just puffed away though, content to her knowledge.
Helen sighed.
"Well, it's a silly verse anyway...." Helen scoffed. Nikki chuckled.
"No it's not. It is very true. Even with tons of people around, it can hold true..." Nikki mused. Helen rolled her eyes.
"Oh here we go...more of Nikki Wade's philosophical rambles..."
Nikki frowned at Helen.
"I can't help it that you don't know about this song, don't go knocking it...I happen to like it, alot. It suits me."
"Does it? Even now?" Helen questioned, challenge in her hazel eyes.
"You can take the girl out of the prison, but not the prison out of the girl." Nikki grinned. Helen shook her head.
"I doubt that is what the songwriter was getting at...probably a fame-type worry, you know...lonely at the top...Now, *that's* a feeling I know all too well." Helen exclaimed, watching to see if Nikki jumped to the bait of Helen's brag. And she did.
"You were at the top for two seconds, Helen. Two." Nikki stated.
Helen smirked.
"Well, that's more than one isn't it? And it still felt lonely, so the song is wrong."
"This is silly! We are fighting over something so stupid....and the song isn't wrong." Nikki said quickly.
"Is too." Helen retorted. Nikki ignored her. Then she heard faint humming. Helen's humming.
"Ah ha! You are humming the song!" Nikki shouted triumphantly. Helen looked shocked.
"It was an accident. You planted it there, in my it's stuck there." Helen sulked. Nikki just laughed. Helen's look turned deadly.
"One more laugh and you'll truly find out that one *is* the loneliest number."
And with that, Nikki shut up and finished her cigarette up in silence.
And Helen kept humming the song anyway.


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