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Disclaimer, Thank-you's, Info, ect.
(August 14, 2002)
Well, most updates are seen on the Yahoo group...but here is just a quick note
for all loyal site readers ^_^

(July 3, 2002)
Seventh part of 'Providence' is up...

(June 16, 2002)
Sixth part of 'Providence' is up....

(May 31, 2002)
Finished 'Sick of Me' YAY!! Now I must finish 'Providence'...

(May 27, 2002)
Have an update group anyone can join....just click the below.

Hopefully, it'll work! ^^;;

(May 26, 2002)
Part five of 'Providence' is up, another short segment...also started 'Sick Of Me'. Enjoy!

(May 11, 2002)
Woo hoo! Finally updated! Part four of 'Providence' is up. Short but there.....
'Good Thing' is finished as well.

(April 18, 2002)
Okay first off, this site is really simple....almost every page up here is a seperate fic. Hope you like them. But it is best to use the home page for going to each story...You can only go so far on the top directory. Although, with Providence, you can go to each part at the end of each section.

I want to thank Jayne of  for the use of one of her beautiful wallpapers of N&H and screen captures(which I have toyed with). Go to her site, it is by far the best out there--

Plus, I have a pic for 'Providence' by Saskia's wonderful but I am using it without permission. Her artwork can be found at-- (Simone's official site)

Now for the legal stuff...I do not own Nikki Wade or Helen Stewart(or any other characters from Bad Girls). No profit is being made whatsoever.
Nor do I own any song lyrics used in fics, they belong to others.
This is also where I will mention any updates to the site, fics, ect. So check here first thing to save yourself time.
Also, these fics are not the ones I write at other sites. None of them have been archived anywhere else.

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